July 24, 2024

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12 international road trips from India

12 international road trips from India

Setting out on a road trip usually means breaking out of the mundane act of moving from one place to another; it’s a mix of everything that includes a journey of exploration, revelation, and liberation. If you love road trips, we have a list of road trips that will take your thrill level to the next level. Here, we are talking about international road trips that you can take from India. If you are curious by now, here are 12 most exciting international road trips that you can consider taking in the near future.


Set amid the lofty mountains, Bhutan, hailed as the happiest country globally, lures adventurers in search of tranquillity and excitement. You would be glad to know that it’s accessible via road from India. Do not that crossing the Phuentsholing border mandates a vehicle, passport, ID proof, and pre-registration.


12 international road trips from India

Yes, you can drive to this neighbourhood and satiate your hunger for road trips. Situated not very far from India, Nepal captivates travellers with its awe-inspiring vistas and hassle-free travel. With no prior visa required, travellers can easily drive through the smooth roads and explore Kathmandu’s cultural landscape with an Indian driving licence.
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Sri Lanka

For this, you will have to opt for a ferry journey from southern India to the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, where palm-fringed beaches and ancient ruins promise endless experiences. Ensure you have an international driving licence, carnet, and motor insurance for seamless exploration.


12 international road trips from India

The enchanting landscapes of Myanmar, renowned for its serene ambiance and delectable cuisine, will not disappoint you in any way. Entry requires a visa, passport, special permits, and a carnet for a limited time.


Thailand, a haven for travellers, is all about tropical delights, from pristine beaches to bustling nightlife. Crossing Myanmar, secure an e-visa on arrival with an Indian passport, along with essential permits and an international driving licence. Rest is hassle-free travel till the destination.

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You can also opt for a road trip to this neighbouring country that extends warm welcome to curious travellers. Ensure you have your passport, visa, special permits, and a carnet with you when you set out for travel. When here, indulge in Bengali delicacies and temple visits.


12 international road trips from India

Accessible via the Irkeshtam and Torugart Passes from China, Kyrgyzstan is a treasure trove of natural wonders. Plan your journey through Kashgar with requisite permits for a memorable adventure.

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Despite stringent border regulations, China’s vast landscapes and historic towns are worth exploring. Obtain a valid passport, visa, overland permits, temporary driving licence, and Tibet Travel permit for an enriching experience.


12 international road trips from India

From Delhi, journey through Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia to reach the cosmopolitan hub of Singapore. You won’t face much difficulty to reach this destination if you have all your documents in place, including visas and carnets.


Vietnam, with its enticing visa schemes and digital nomad opportunities, makes for another destination that is great for a road trip. Travel through Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos, and ensure that you are equipped with necessary permits and local insurance for your vehicle.


12 international road trips from India

Greece’s pristine beaches and architectural wonders await explorers. You can reach this place by travelling through eight countries, including China, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan, with essential documentation like visas, passports, and a carnet.


You can even consider a road trip till Malaysia. All you have to do is secure permits and documentation, including a passport, visa, international driving licence, for a seamless journey via Myanmar and Thailand.