July 25, 2024

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ACV@Home Celebrates Independent Agents With Simply The Best Awards

Bruce Parkinson

Air Canada Vacations celebrated the work of independent agents within the ACV@Home Program at its second-annual Simply the Best Awards, which took place virtually on March 5.

Launched just one year ago, ACV@Home has quickly become a cornerstone of support for independent travel advisors, offering tools, training, and community engagement opportunities. In its inaugural year, ACV@Home says it has empowered advisors across Canada to thrive in their businesses, adapting to new challenges and embracing innovative solutions.

TravelOnly 50th

The Air Canada Vacations Team: Ana Paula de Souza, Elish Tate, Krista Rothfuchs and Erminia Gallina. (Photo Credit: Bruce Parkinson)

“We’re proud to highlight the resilience and determination of all Independent Travel Advisors,” said Ana Paula De Souza, Director of Sales at Air Canada Vacations. “The 2024 Simply the Best Awards celebrate their unwavering commitment to excellence, showcasing the remarkable achievements and enduring spirit of our community.”

De Souza kicked off the ceremony joined by hosts Krista Rothfuchs and Tina Kensett from Air Canada Vacations. The event was attended by nearly 350 Independent Travel Advisors who participated in games and won prizes while learning of all the exciting details about what’s to come for the ACV@Home community of advisors.

The Independent Travel Advisors in attendance watched as their colleagues and peers were recognized and awarded in the following categories:

Gagnants VAC

ACV@Home Award Winners.

Top Diversified Sales: This category focused on advisors who have made a noticeable effort to sell across Air Canada Vacations’ diverse Sun, Europe, USA, Cruise, and ePackages.

Centre Holidays – Senta Marsolais

Independent by Flight Centre – Angie Oswald

Nexion Travel Group – Anne Lochead

The Travel Agent Next Door – Sylvette Deveau

TravelOnly – Brenda Slater

Trevello Travel Group – Lucilia Gome 

Top Group Awards: Six top-producing group agents – one winner for each network.

Independent by Flight Centre – Janice Bell-Hansuld

Centre Holidays – Wilfred Saldanha

Nexion Travel Group – Darlene Wipp

The Travel Agent Next Door – Sharlene Philipchuk

TravelOnly – Carina Shortliffe

Trevello Travel Group – LA Travel Group

Top Overall Sales: Three top agents walked away with prizes – the gold winner was awarded with 2 air seats to any Sun destination that Air Canada Vacations offers.

Gold: Janice Bell-Hansuld (Independent by Flight Centre)

Silver: LA Travel Group (Trevello Travel Group)

Bronze: Oscar Batista (Centre Holidays)

Rising Star: This category focused on advisors who have substantially grown their Air Canada Vacations sales from 2022 to 2023.

● Centre Holidays 

Danielle Longtin

Emily Batista

Cindy Groves

● The Travel Agent Next Door

Iola Panetta

Rebecca Morrison

Anita Milne

● Trevello Travel Group

Monique Powell

Renee Winsor

Beryl Clements

● Nexion Travel Group

Bobbi Bigney

Beverly Danson

Darlene Wipp

● Independent by Flight Centre

Holly Tobin

Kirsty Roberts

Roula Glykis

● TravelOnly

Julia Borg

Rose Rizzo

Charla Joseph

The categories outlined above each showcase the efforts of an agent across the following host agencies: TravelOnly, Trevello, Centre Holidays, Nexion, Independent by Flight Centre and The Travel Agent Next Door.

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