July 24, 2024

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Avanti destinations strengthens team with new regional directors, stepping up service for travel agents

Recently, big news has come in from the travel industry. Avanti Destinations, the renowned travel company popular for their custom-made travel packages, has announced two new additions to their team. With an aim to accommodate the needs of travel agents and provide more intensified service, they have appointed two new regional directors.

Meet the new appointed regional directors of Avanti

Avanti Destinations, with their commitment to delivering a truly customized and authentic travel experience, have chosen Meg Berno and Kerri Robinson to fill the pivotal roles of Midwest and Northeast regional sales directors respectively. Both of these talented professionals come with substantial expertise in the travel industry. They are fully equipped to support travel agents in planning exceptional vacations for customers.

Meg Berno is an industry veteran who brings immense knowledge and valuable experience from her tenure with AAA Ohio. Notably, she also holds an influential digital presence with her travel blog where she shares stories from her trips and travel guides. Her expertise will surely be an asset to Avanti as they continue to cater and support the travel agent community.

Kerri Robinson, on the other hand, steps into her role at Avanti with an extensive background working with various travel agencies and tour companies. Having served as an independent travel consultant, Robinson possesses a finely tuned understanding of what travelers seek in their vacations. Her unique insights and skills will certainly contribute to Avanti’s ongoing dedication to delivering extraordinary travel experiences.

Avanti Destinations and their commitment to quality

Avanti Destinations has always been committed to providing exceptional journeys full of significant cultural interactions. Their strategy stands on a deep understanding of how travel can educate, inspire and transform lives. These new appointments clearly indicate Avanti’s determination to deliver on their promise of providing craft travel experiences that meet the various needs of contemporary travelers.

The bottom line is simple: Avanti Destinations believes in partnering with local tour guides, hotels, and transport services to provide every traveler with an unforgettable experience. Their support for the existing travel agent community, the appointment of Berno and Robinson, and their continuous drive for innovation proves Avanti’s commitment to being guardians of exceptional journeys and cultural experiences.

Beyond the details of this recent news, it’s important to remember the real value of travel. It lies in the experiences we have, the people we meet, and the understanding we gain of ourselves and others along the way. With the right travel agency and wisely chosen destinations, unforgettable memories are just around the corner. While Is commend Avanti for their continuous dedication to enhancing their service to travelers by partnering with the right people, I also encourage you all to consider deepening your own travel experiences with unique and personalized journeys. After all, to travel is not just to see different places – it’s to live them.