July 21, 2024

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Char Dham Registration Guide 2024

Can we do Char Dham registration online?

Yes, you can. There is no need to stand in long queues because chardham biometric facility is available online. Just visit the official website of char dham registration and follow the steps.

Modes of Char Dham Registration 2023

1) Online through this Web Portal
2) Mobile Application (Download our App)
3) Physically at any of the locations mentioned here through kiosks or hand held devices manned by trained personnel (Yatri Mitra).

Mode of Verification
Physically only at the shrine being visited through scanning of the “QR Code” on the allotted wrist bands or in the mobile app or downloaded “Yatra Registration Letter”.
Tourist Registration and Verification Process:

  • Registration : (Self / Self and Family / Tour Operator)
  • Generation of Yatra: Registration Letter with QR code
  • Verification at the Dhams

Website for Char Dham Visit Registrations

Step wise step guide to do Char Dham registration online

If you are facing any issue wile doing registration or if its your first time then you can follow this step wise step easy guide for a successful registration. Make sure you are filling the correct information about yourself. Registration is important to avail online darshan booking services. So here is the guide

Step 1: Go to https://registrationandtouristcare.uk.gov.in/

Step 2: Get Char Dham information & Tourist Registration and Verification Process:

Step 3: Click on Login/Register
–  Registration through any of the below identity – Individual (Self) or
–  Family (Self and Family) or
–  Tour Operator

Step 4: To create a new account, enter Full Name, Mobile No., Select Tour Operator/Individual/Family, Enter Password & Confirm Password, and then click on Sign Up button.

Step 5: If you have already Signed Up earlier then, Sign In from the same page with entering Mobile Number, Password and Enter Captcha and click on Sign In Button 1

Step 6: After Sign In, you will see the Dashboard with your name on the left

Step 7: Now, create/manage tour by clicking on Create/Manage Tour Info. The Plan Your Trip Page will open

Step 8: Click on Add New Tour

Step 9: Select Tour Type, add Tour Name, select Tour Duration (Date of Entering & Leaving into state) in Uttarakhand from date picker. Enter No. of Tourists (If there are 5 family members, who are coming to Uttarakhand then user has to enter 5 number in that field), Select Specific Date of Tour in front of the destination.

Step 10: Click on Save button

Step 11: Now, you will see the tour has been created

Step 12: Add pilgrim under that tour. So, click on Add Pilgrim button now

Step 13: You will see Registration of Tourist form now. Your destination will be displayed automatically. Here, user has to enter details who is going to travel to Uttarakhand.

Step 14: Enter Full Name*, Enter Age*, Select Gender*, Email Address, Mobile number of Tourist* (To be carried during yatra), Country, Residential Address, City, District Name, Select State, Emergency Contact Person, Mobile Number and Relation (Who is not travelling with you) Contact Person Name, Emergency Contact Number, Contact Person Relation. Select if you are from below profession Tick Option (I am a Doctor), Mode of Travel for Dham (After entering into Uttarakhand State). Suppose if you are selecting Private car then enter Driver’s Name and Vehicle Number. Enter passport size photo, Select Identity proof and Upload that document.

Step 15: If you want to add more tourists then you can click on Save & Next or else you can click on Finish button to complete the registration.

Step 16: Then after user has to download Yatra Registration Letter in which a unique QR code will be displayed on that PDF, which user can see on the List of Pilgrims/Tourist screen. That tourist/pilgrim has to keep during the uttarakhand yatra. And also an SMS will be sent to the tourist from the system along with the unique ID.

Step 17: Tourist has to keep that Yatra Registration Letter or that received SMS on their mobile number during the Uttarakhand tour.

Step 18: Before the check-in of that destination, Yatrimitra will check that SMS or Yatra Registration Letter (QR code) for verification.

Step 19: Pilgrim will also get Yatri Certificate in their login after verification at Chardham

Step 20: For Safe Journey and assistance across the route in Uttarakhand, you can register through- registrationandtouristcare.uk.gov.in  And Mobile App – Tourist Care Uttarakhand (Downloadable from Google Play Store and App Store)