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‘Ghosts’ Star Richie Moriarty on Pete’s Traveling Power & What It Means for the Season 3 Finale

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Ghosts Season 3, Episode 9, “The Traveling Agent.”]

Ghosts is breaking new ground in the latest installment, “The Traveling Agent,” as do-gooder troop leader spirit Pete (Richie Moriarty) discovers his special power is that he can travel beyond the ghost boundary on Woodstone’s property.

While this power would thrill almost any spirit you could think of, Pete is initially reluctant to embrace the gift tied to his past as a travel agent who didn’t travel when he had the chance in life. After a bumpy outing with Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), Pete is further convinced that his power isn’t something he wants to explore further, but he’s convinced by his pals that he should embrace it.

By the end of the episode, he was boarding a flight to St. Lucia where his daughter and grandson were vacationing. Below, Moriarty opens up about his initial reaction to Pete’s ghost power, the possibilities it unlocks, thoughts on his bromance with Jay, potential romance with Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), and how the power will impact the finale episode.

Richie Moriarty, Brandon Scott Jones, and John Hartman for 'Ghosts' Season 3

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS ©2024

Pete’s episodes always have an emotional aspect to them. Do you like leaning into that heaviness?

Richie Moriarty: I think the Joes have really seen Pete as the emotional heart of this cast in the way that he’s very earnest. He’s very naive, but there’s a lot of heart that comes out of this guy. He cares greatly for the other ghosts in the house. He really sees them as his troop. He was a troop leader in life, and this troop of ghosts is this group that he, in many ways likes to lead. So I love that the character has that dimension in the show because all of [Pete’s episodes] are incredibly heart-wrenching, and I think it’s really fun to be able to play the different dimensions of this character.

Did you feel adrift without your troop as Pete explored his traveling powers?

I did feel a little adrift. I’ll be honest. We get so used to being in tight quarters with so many of us that it is strange whenever we shoot a flashback and we’re with other people in different places, or we have a situation like this where I am away from the mansion for the first time as a ghost. Exciting because you’re in a new environment, but then it’s almost a little more heady because you do have to think about, “Okay, this guy has not been out of the house in 40 years. How is he going to respond and take these new environments in?” There’s a lot he hasn’t seen in so long. It’s really exciting narratively for the show, it opens up a world of possibilities, which I’m thrilled about, but it is weird.

How did you feel about Carol’s death this season and do you hope to have her and Pete cross paths more?

I hope so. I hope that we’ll be able to continue to work with Caroline Aaron. She’s so funny. I think narratively for Pete, it makes sense that he needs to move on. But it’s also narratively really fun to have her hanging out and popping in when we need that character and when we need to ruffle Pete’s feathers some more. And she’s just a joy to work with. And it was really funny because when she came back, there was a lot of figuring out the ghost rules, relearning them after she learned for the first two seasons, “Do not look us in the eyes.”

Richie Moriarty and Danielle Pinnock in 'Ghosts'

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Pete’s power stems from his travel agent career in life and the fact that he never traveled. Do you think that realization will help him grow moving forward?

I think there’s big growth for him in the season finale. There’s a definitive moment that really changes him and I think changes his outlook, and he’s able to bring some of that perspective back to Woodstone and talk to the other ghosts about it. That’s what I’m most excited for. The possibilities with this power are kind of endless.

Does he see the merits of rule-breaking now?

Yeah. I think the Shawshank thing that Jay brings up in the episode is real, right? It’s crazy to think about being in one place for 40 years and then all of a sudden having the front door open and it’s like you can go wherever you want. I’m sure it would be massively intimidating, but as much as he doesn’t want to do it at first, I think he’s going to learn quickly that this can totally open up your world and broaden your experiences, and equip him in different ways to help other people.

Jay and Pete’s bromance is a highlight of the show. Do you hope to continue deepening that relationship?

Totally. I love working with Utkarsh. He’s become such a good friend, and the two of us love anytime we’re on set together. And the Joes have found great ways to get him involved, especially this season with Sas’s power, and with my power. So I think that will continue in different ways.

Is there hope for the Albert-Pete romance pipeline? It seems as if she’s warming up to the idea this season.

I think the Joes are smartly slow playing this Alberta and Pete relationship, and I honestly don’t know what their intentions are with it. But I do know that Danielle and I love each other so much, and whatever they do with this, we are going to be thrilled. In so many ways the two of these people make no sense together, but the more they learn about each other, the more they sort of grow in their afterlife, especially since she has been attracted to bad boys her whole life and she’s realizing that maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing. So why not look at the opposite in Pete, this guy who’s just insanely loyal and a true nice guy. And I think for Pete, too, he’s obviously never encountered anyone like Alberta in his life. So there’s huge potential in new things for him, and that’s part of what kind of ties back to this power is he has a lot of new experiences with this power that are on the horizon.

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