July 24, 2024

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How To Become A Travel Agent

Travel is an experience many people enjoy, as has been evidenced by airlines expanding their schedules and TSA reporting their highest number of passengers screened. If you enjoy travel and plan trips for yourself and others, you may consider a career in travel. Here is what you can do to become a travel agent.

How To Become A Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent isn’t difficult, but some experience will help. There generally aren’t any licenses or certificates required to be a travel agent in the United States. However, each state has its regulations that may require registration and insurance. Plus, having some experience or training in hospitality, tourism, business, and marketing is favorable.

As with many jobs, a high school diploma and even a bachelor’s degree may be required. Additionally, having knowledge of booking sites and a variety of travel destinations and geography can help further your career.

You can apply to various agencies if you’d like to be part of a team of travel agents. Or, you may decide to start your own business. Should you choose the latter, determine if any permits are required in your state. Consider any overhead costs, and be sure to insure your business.

Additional Courses For Becoming A Travel Agent

It also wouldn’t hurt to take a few courses that can help you advance your career. Many universities, community colleges, and trade schools offer courses in the hospitality sector. Some of these courses may also be available online.

Alternatively, several professional agencies offer courses for certification. Some of these include:

Having knowledge about travel insurance is also a good idea.

What Are Some Skills I Need To Become A Travel Agent?

Certain skills can help you do well in your career. These skills include research, listening, and customer service. Additional skills that you may want to build on are negotiation and problem-solving skills. You may have to fight for your client should a trip go awry.

Computer skills are also needed. If you are starting your own business, you’ll need to have social media skills to help promote your services.

You may also decide to work on a specific form of travel. For instance, you may specialize in travel adventures with pets or wellness vacations. Consider what you want to work with or have experience with to help find your focus. A unique specialty can help distinguish you from other agents, especially when attracting new clients.


Although plenty of websites make planning travel a bit easier, they also require work and time to research events, coordinate between travelers, and find the best deals at favorable times. Additionally, extended trips that have a lot packed in can be stressful to arrange and map out. Using a travel agent is a practical option for many travelers, and becoming a travel agent can be easier than you might think, as it doesn’t require a specific degree or license.

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