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Italy and Spain launch Digital Nomad Visa: what does it mean?

Italy and Spain launch Digital Nomad Visa: what does it mean?

If you’re a remote worker or digital nomad, and love excellent food and breathtaking scenery, Spain and Italy can be perfect destinations for your remote work. As reported earlier, Italy recently introduced a visa program tailored for digital nomads, which will be enabling professionals to work remotely while immersing themselves in the country’s beauty. This initiative commenced on April 4, which started off by offering visas valid for up to one year. Meanwhile, Spain’s visa guidelines were also updated on April 13.

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What constitutes a digital nomad?

As per the Italian Government’s definition, a digital nomad is a non-EU citizen who is involved in “highly qualified work activities.” These individuals can operate as employees of a company, self-employed or as collaborators, irrespective of their location.

In essence, digital nomads are individuals who work virtually from diverse locations, often spanning the globe. Which essentially means that one day you might find them working from their home office, while the next could see them working in Central Park in New York, or even on a beach in Spain.

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Eligibility criteria for Digital Nomad Visas in Spain and Italy

Citizens from non-EU countries are eligible to apply for digital nomad visas in both Italy and Spain. All those who wish to apply for this visa, will be required to demonstrate their status as digital nomads or remote workers for a minimum of six months and furnish evidence of accommodation in the respective countries. Additionally, it’s important to note that applicants have not been convicted of any criminal offenses within the past five years.

Process of applying for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa

Italy and Spain launch Digital Nomad Visa: what does it mean?

Those seeking to apply for this visa should commence the process at their local Spanish consulate. Applicants must provide evidence of their financial means equivalent to at least double the monthly Spanish minimum wage, approximately £2140 ($2,666) per month or £25,700 ($32,028) annually. Do note that family members accompanying the applicant also have specific financial criteria: for the first family member, an additional 75% of the Spanish minimum wage is required, while 25% for each subsequent member is required. Acceptable proofs include payslips, bank statements, and work contracts.

Process of applying for Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa

Italy and Spain launch Digital Nomad Visa: what does it mean?

To obtain Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa, individuals need to visit the Italian consulate in their country of residence. Once approved, they must obtain a residence permit within eight days of their arrival in Italy. Additionally, applicants must provide evidence of their annual income of at least three times the minimum amount necessary to be exempt from healthcare contribution fees, which is nearly €28,000 ($29,826).

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Family inclusion and renewal

This visa is renewable in both the countries, provided the applicant continues to satisfy the eligibility criteria. Additionally, this visa allows for the inclusion of family members under certain circumstances.

Benefits within the Schengen Area

Both the countries belong to the Schengen Area, which encompasses 29 European countries, thereby enabling smooth and unrestricted travel among them.