July 21, 2024

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The best soundbars for 2024: TV audio upgrade for all budgets

Best Soundbar: Quick Menu

One of the best soundbars is essential if you’ve invested in a big TV and its speakers aren’t living up to its visuals. With one of the top soundbars, you get bigger, forward-facing speakers that deliver better speech clarity and immersion in movies. The best bit is they’re sleek and slim, often fitting below your TV on a cabinet or mounted on the wall. 

Some TVs may not need a soundbar, but plenty of the best TVs you can buy today need an external soundbar for better audio – especially cheaper ones. Many of the best soundbars come in three styles: all-in-one units with just a single soundbar, soundbars with subwoofers, and soundbars with subwoofers and rear speakers for surround sound. The first is ideal for people who want a minimal setup, the second is great for big sound on a budget, and the third is perfect if you want a real home theater audio experience.