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Travel Agent Network Brings Opportunities for Remote Employment and Collaboration to the V.I.

The Wander Network Travel Agency encourages V.I. travel agencies to join network. (Shutterstock image)

The Wander Network Travel Agency, a host travel agency established in February of this year that is 100 percent woman-owned and operated, is offering aspiring travel agents in the Virgin Islands an opportunity to join their network, access dynamic training opportunities, and connect to industry partners and leaders centered in hospitality and tourism.

According to the mission statement found on The Wander Network Website, “Our mission is to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit within every travel enthusiast. We guide individuals on a transformative journey, helping them craft their own adventure as travel agents and embark on the exciting path of starting their own travel company. With personalized support, resources, and a vibrant community, we empower dreamers to turn their love for travel into a thriving business.”

Shannon Kittner, founder and CEO of The Wander Network, believes that partnership and collaboration in the travel industry ensures that all stake holders have an opportunity to thrive. “We truly believe in setting the travel agents up for success, especially if they are brand new in the travel industry. We are here to guide them and help every step of the way. At The Wander Network Travel Agency, our travel agents are not just a number in a huge plethora of travel agents, rather, we take time to personally get to know each one, learn what they like to sell, have one-on-one meetings with them, and guide them through their training,” Kittner said.

“We also have a ‘travel agent career guide’ we have crafted for our website — this document can help those who want to learn more and read on the career before making a choice to become a travel agent at The Wander Network,” she said.

Kellie Greaux, an ancestral Virgin Islander and the vice president of Membership and Business Development at The Wander Network is devoted to supporting aspiring travel agents through the onboarding process of joining the network, as well as continual support through the process of branding, advertising, and client relations.

“Shannon and I are working on creating a company that feels like family where continuous learning and growth is fostered and encouraged. With an accumulated almost 20 years of experience within the Hospitality and Travel and Tourism Industry, we are bringing our experience, skills, and connections to the forefront to help fast-track the success of each of our agents. In addition, we have developed virtual training books for our agents which we have designed as a blueprint for their travel business,” Greaux said.

“We are so excited to have just welcomed our first Virgin Islander, and it is our hope to continue to expand that network! The beauty of this career is that it offers you flexibility and freedom with the opportunity to work from anywhere. You can also do this part-time, and if later on you decide to transition into a full-time career, that option is yours,” she said.

Greaux believes that having more Virgin Islanders in the travel agent world can only benefit the tourism product of the Virgin Islands. “Who better to promote and sell any destination than its local people. The Virgin Islands are filled with rich history, and as a travel agent, you have the opportunity to provide this knowledge to your clients to get them excited about visiting home not only for the beautiful beaches but for the culture. When you are from a place that is coined a tourist destination, I think there is an inclination and desire to want to promote other destinations, especially those that remind you so much of your own home in an authentic and meaningful way. Tourism should revolve around the destination, not the destination around Tourism”, Greaux said.

One of the benefits of working with The Wander Network is their emphasis on targeting a new generation of travelers and positioning themselves to create travel opportunities that fulfill the unique interests of this group. “With a heavy emphasis on development and exposure of the Millennials and Gen Zer’s within the travel industry, The Wander Network’s strong values include sustainable and cultural travel, respect and support for local communities, as well as crafting unique and memorable in-destination experiences with our agents to share with their clients,” she said.

Greaux encourages travel enthusiasts within our community to consider using a travel agent when booking their next adventure. “There are many facets in booking a trip, and it can get stressful. They are removing that stress from your plate while providing you with not only great recommendations but with unbeatable prices and special offers that are being given to The Wander Network through our preferred travel partnerships. For a traveler to work with one of our agents means they are working with a travel agent who cares about the details of their trip and will help curate what is sure to be a memorable experience at the best possible cost,” explained Greaux.

If anyone has any questions or is interested in taking the next steps toward joining The Wander Network or may be interested in working with one of their agents visit 



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