July 21, 2024

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Try this travel inspiration app for your next roadtrip

Travel inspiration is the fuel that drives epic journeys. But how do you get inspired on where to go? 

There’s an app for that 🙂 Actually, there are several apps for that. The question is, how do you pick the best app for travel inspiration?

After all, you don’t want FOMO on your trip — you want to know that your app of choice shows you all the things. Let’s dig into the pieces that make for the most inspiring app out there. 

As you might imagine…

Roadtrippers is a travel inspiration app. And yes, we think it’s pretty rad. But we’ll still talk about features of other apps and why we think the things we offer in-app are best for travel inspiration. Here it goes:

Travel inspiration apps need lots of locations

A travel app is only as good as the world it draws from. If you’re looking to get inspired for a trip to a particular region, it stands to reason that your chosen app should sift through many locations to help you find inspiration.

Roadtrippers has more hotels, restaurants, popular attractions, museums, and quirky stops to choose from than most anyone else. We’re talking over 5 million locations featuring reviews from real humans, the ability to book things right in the app, and route planning that inspires new discoveries. 

No matter which app you choose — be sure it’s one that can inspire you with many options.

Wood boat in the waterWood boat in the water
Luca Bravo via Unsplash

Stories inspire inspiration

How often have you been inspired to take a trip based on a friend’s experience? Our guess is quite often.

Stories from others paint pictures of places in ways that make us want to go. That’s why you should look for a travel inspiration tool incorporating real-life journeys. The Roadtrippers Magazine is woven into our app for this reason. Whether you want to take a UFO-inspired road trip, follow in Guy Fieri’s footsteps, or go on other outlandish adventures, our quirky content guides and inspires. 

A few other apps do this too, but we don’t think you’ll beat us when it comes to storytelling over the road. 

Travel inspiration should be guided by real-life trips

Your trip should be fueled by real-life journeys taken by real humans. Autopilot is our trip-planning tool that’ll create a customized itinerary based on over 38 million trips that really happened. 

Simply answer a few questions, and it’ll create travel inspiration for you that’s easy to modify. 

Many apps can create a trip itinerary based on the quickest route, some cool stops, and other things. But we’re one of the few (and maybe even the only) that incorporates this deep human element. 

Camping, glamping, or hoteling 

What good is travel inspiration if the app you’re using only recommends hotels when you travel by RV?

The best apps will ask how you travel to make the right recommendations. Roadtrippers does this, and you can even reserve certain spots within the app. 

Travel inspiration for RVersTravel inspiration for RVers
alexgo.photography via Unsplash

The best travel inspiration apps ask for dates

How unfun it is when an app offers travel inspiration you love, only to discover that the attraction is closed or the event isn’t happening when you roll through.

That’s why the best travel inspiration apps let you input your trip dates and then dish up the inspiration accordingly.

You guessed it — Roadtrippers is big on this!

Get inspired together with trip collaboration

Trip planning is better when it’s a team effort. Roadtrippers is the only travel inspiration tool that lets you add collaborators to your trip and manage it with friends and family.  

Friends and travel inspirationFriends and travel inspiration
Felix Rostig via Unsplash

RVs please

Travel inspiration looks different for RVers than it does for other travelers. You need RV-specific routes, camping spots along the way, free overnight RV parking, and more. 

The Roadtrippers app plots RV travel that matches reality. We’re one of the few apps out there that cooks up the routes, campgrounds, and stops to fit the unique needs of a home on wheels. 

Cell coverage

Many people work remotely over the road. It’s a bummer to discover an epic destination only to realize you won’t have the cell coverage needed to get your work done.

A travel inspiration app like Roadtrippers features real data and real people’s reviews about cell coverage in an area so you can stay connected when discovering new places. 

Travel deals

Why not inspire some travel savings along the way? The best apps will show you ways to save dough on the trips they recommend.

That’s why Roadtrippers actively works out exclusive discounts on gear, campgrounds, fuel, dump fees, and more.

Hot air balooningHot air balooning
Mesut Kaya via Unsplash

Take travel inspiration for a test drive

Finding inspiration for your next road trip is a task made easier with apps designed to help. Like many travel planning tools, Roadtrippers offers a free trial so you can try it before you commit. Test it out to add a side of travel inspiration to your next road trip.